Magna Carta – The Netherlands Tour

Video from Canada
Photographer Don Wolan recorded a video of the new song Walk Away From Heaven in Steve and Cathy Boyd’s kitchen in Ingersoll. Sung and played by Chris and Laurens. Enjoy!


Friday 6 September – 20:30
Sterrenfestival, Dwingeloo Grote Zaal Grand Café De Brink. Tickets: please see website!
Monday 9 September – 20:30
Beauforthuis, Austerlitz near Zeist. Tickets: please see website!
Saturday 21 September – 20:30
Parkstad Limburg Theater, Heerlen ING-zaal. Tickets: please see website!
Sunday 22 September – 20:30
Theater Het Hek van de Dam, Ekehaar, Drenthe. Tickets: please see website!
CANCELLED: Saturday 7 September
Witte Theater, Ijmuiden. Please note: Unfortunately this venue has been forced to close! Very sad, as Magna Carta has been a guest here many, many times.

Chris Simpson writes in his latest piece (below) that the upcoming Magna Carta concerts in September 2013, will most certainly be the VERY LAST Magna Carta concerts!
Read Chris’ message below


Hi, there everyone,

I hope as we near the end of the Summer, you are each and all splendidly well, – and if not why not?
So. Many of you will have had a mail from me pointing out that the four shows in Holland in September will be the last. Maybe it’s a shock and maybe you wonder why? Like can’t I go on forever?
Well, there is more to life than that, and working on my book with Cathy up on the boat and both recovering from different operations, I figured time to make a turn.
As Canada proved, the stage act is just so good with Laurens and Wendy and although I am disappointed that the nerve in my arm has not responded, I still got rave guitar reviews in Canada.

So why?

Well, I love cutting wood and growing vegetables and mushrooming on the hills and shooting rabbits and the occasional pheasant. Ever the country boy. And the book is shaping up well too. And to be honest, I am looking forward to these shows very much, but the amount of organization that goes into it all, (having rounded half the world in the last year) and doing it myself, palls in the end. So I want time out.

However. The Fields of Eden which has been gestating for ten years now has an overture and a prelude. It changes all the time, as does a song of years back now re-arranged ‘Walk away from Heaven’. This has blown them away and two Canadian artists already want to record it.

The album is waiting until October. I need to get the 1971 ‘Seasons’ at the Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra out of Universal and my lawyer is on the case. They lost the tapes for 40 years. I found them. But I cannot have them they say and they are not going to do anything with them either. Bastards!!

If and when we get them out then the funds will be there to make the Fields of Eden album. Although thanks to PC’s and downloading most record companies are gone, I do believe that this will slay the world.

Then, folks, the world will come looking for us rather than we have to go looking for them.
So that is about the size of it.

Hope you understand.

Oh, and go now, book your tickets and call up 500 friends each to go to the shows, then put on a J.J. Cale album in his glorious memory, open a bottle of chilled Chablis and the last one out is a sissy!!

With love and see you there, Chris.

P.S. Will be selling on the shows an album that has never been on CD. One of our more obscure ones it is called ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Underpants.’ You’ll love it!